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A little about me and my real time Thyroid Journey

 Hello my name is Rosemary and I turned 50 years old on Christmas eve last year. As the Blog  title suggests this will be my real-time journal about My Thyroid, that I hope will come to inspire others to share their own journey as well and it is for me  and my well-being too. A time-Line so to speak   that will keep me in check on what emotions I maybe experiencing  and the different mile stones that are reached along the way. Obviously my desire will be to have this all be a mere memory and one that is a short journey and will make me wiser for going through it.  An opportunity in which to find a deeper sence of grace and gratitude through this experience.



1. Share…… « happilyeverafterbyreneeburke - August 15, 2012

[…]  Rosemary White has been following along with sumMEr from its inception and I am honored to have her as our guest blogger today. She understands the importance of self-care in a very personal way.  She shares with us some of her thoughts and helps us to remember that we need to share our stories in order to help not only ourselves but others in the process. Renee  @  happilyeverafter by Renee Burke  who is hosting  SumMEer of Me asked if would mind sharing how much the SumMEr of Me  community postings have touched  and encouraged me this summer.  I can say without any hesitation that part of my SELF -CARE has been to take the time to reach each one of these wonderful guest-Artist postings. Each one approaches self-care a bit different and yet the common thread is so strong throughout all of them.. TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES. Many of us  still need to truly learn to nurture ourselves without guilt of any kind. As for being an artist~ If capturing moments in time with a camera count then I am all in~ The longing  to do more with my pictures  continues to motivate me each day. One of the 1st things I did this summer was to make a “SumMEr of ME”  list ( with a gentle nudge from  Jamie Burch’s post: just a few of the goodies on that list. […]

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